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Custom Tattoos.. Artist owned, Artist driven.
We are a full service custom tattoo design shop. Specializing in photo realism, custom lettering, traditional, new school, neo-traditional and black and gray. Clean, sterile, and cozy environment.
Having over 67 combined years, every artist is diverse in every style… But each has their own specialty which will ensure that you walk out with a perfectly designed and meticulously executed tattoo.

We also have top guest artists from around the country that grace our stations. Quality art is our #1 priority.

The shop also displays work from local artists and photographers. As well as from colleagues in the tattoo industry…
Come, be inspired.

Call the shop or email for appointment info. Fully licensed by the Board of Health and insured.
A 20% Non-Refundable deposit is required to secure an appointment and before ANY custom artwork is to be done.
Walkins are certainly welcome as well.
New York State law states the you MUST be 18 years of age to be tattooed.
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Business Hours

Mon: 12:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Tue: 12:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Wed: 12:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Thu: 12:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Fri: 12:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Sat: 12:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Sun: 12:00 PM – 06:00 PM


"I got tattooed in the shop twice by two different artists. First time it was Ted and second time was Mikee himself. They are very professional, have the best customer service skills i've seen in 8 years being tattooed in other shops. Literally, this is the only shop I will be going from now on." - Sergey B

Best artists. Period.

No matter the style, you will find it here. All artists are versatile in all aspects of tattooing. Yet every one takes a specific style to the next level.




We have a minimum charge of $60. Most tattoos can be priced with a flat rate that will be determined after a small consultation with the artist. Larger caliber projects such as sleeves, back pieces or any multiple session pieces will be charged hourly starting at $150 per hour.

Deposits are also required to secure an appointment which is recommended.

How do I make an appointment?

If you’d like to set up an appointment. We would need you to come in and speak with the artist you would like to work with. At that time you will agree on design, location, and complexity of your tattoo.

You will then be required to leave a $100 deposit and you will be given a date and time for your appointment. Deposits are deducted off the final cost of your tattoo.

Please have decency to give your artist at least 48 hours notice if you need to cancel or reschedule.

What should I expect when I’m in the studio ready to get my tattoo?

Well usually you will be guided by the artist or person in charged with what to do so you can get started with the tattoo process, but for those who want to know the process, here’s the typical scenario you should expect. Once you step into the studio you will be guided by your artist or person in charge, then you will decide on what design and the tattoo artist you wish to do the design for you. After that you will be required to show a valid ID as a proof of legal age, after which you will be asked to fill up some forms and personal information and legalities and payment before the services are rendered. Whatever method you pay with, always ask for a receipt. It is then time to do the actual tattoo process which includes shaving, cleaning and preparing the area to tattooed, laying-out and transferring the design, laying out the tattoo line work, coloring and shading the tattoo, cleaning up, to dressing and bandaging the fresh tattoo. Finally, the tattoo artist will provide you with aftercare instructions either verbally or written on a piece of paper for you to take home with you.

Is it safe to get a Tattoo?

It’s safe to get a tattoo as long as you make sure that you have your tattoo done by a reputable artist following all recommended safety precautions of performing a tattoo procedure. This includes the tattoo artist wearing medical gloves, having an autoclave and sterilization certifications and vaccinations for hepatitis and other blood-communicable diseases. Does he remove sterile needles from the packaging in front of you? If he does these along with other precautionary measures, then you’re good to go.

How much does it hurt?

It does, but not that much. Different people have different tolerance levels when it comes to pain. Some relates it a “hot scratching feeling”. Some tattoo designs require several sessions to finish and customers won’t come back to finish their designs if its really unbearable. To some, the pride of wearing a gorgeous masterpiece on their body far outweighs a little poking here and there.

Can I use some kind of painkiller before getting a tattoo?

There are products that people are tempted to try to get over the pain of the tattoo procedure. But these products are not advisable to take or apply these products before getting a tattoo. Numbing creams such as Emla takes about 30 minutes to take effect and wears off 30 to 45 minutes later, by that time your artist would have gotten halfway doing the design when you start to feel the sting, as an averaged sized tattoo normally takes 2 hours to complete. Plus some artists claim difficulty working on the area since it distorts or swells the skin, not to mention clients experiencing the returning sensation which increases the pain ten-fold. Painkillers such as Aleve or Tylenol can also cause excess bleeding since they can thin out your blood and affect the way the skin reacts to the tattoo. Besides, anyone who can’t handle the pain can’t handle the seriousness of getting a tattoo.

How much does a tattoo cost?

When you pay for a tattoo, you will get what you pay for. If you try to settle for tattoo artist that offer cheap backyard tattoos, you’ll pretty much end up on the door of a real tattoo artist for a cover up which costs you even more. Not to mention the health risks involved. Try to look for quality artists that can do your type of design, and be willing to pay for it. Don’t try to haggle over the price of the tattoo as it’s disrespectful to the artist. If you can’t pay for it right now, save for it. It will be worth it since you will be wearing it for life.

Should I tip my tattoo artist?
Tattoo artists only get a portion of what you pay the studio, so it’s a pretty nice gesture. Although there are no specific rules on how much you should give your tattoo artist, it’s really based more on gratuity, how much you can afford and how much do you feel the artwork is worth. Just don’t forget to thank them and tell them how happy you are with the artwork they did.

Can I get a tattoo even if I’m sick?

It’s really not recommended due to the fact that you immune system is already busy with your current condition. You’ll need your strength and white blood cells to heal and fight off infection on a fresh tattoo. Another thing is you don’t want pass on your health issues to other people in the studio.

Where can I find designs for my new tattoo?

Would you really want to have the same tattoo the other guy or girl is wearing? Instead try to find pictures similar to the design you want print them out and take it to your tattoo artist to draft a custom piece for you. A professional tattoo artist would gladly welcome a challenge and would be happy to help you with the tattoo design you want.

What’s the best time of the year to get a tattoo?

Although you can get a tattoo anytime of the year, getting a tattoo in summer will expose your skin to more abuse with swimming, tanning and even merely prolonged exposure to the sun which might interfere with the quality and healing of your new tattoo. Getting a tattoo in winter might prove to be more desirable with less waiting ours, discounted rates, less exposure to the elements. But one downside of getting a tattoo in winter is that winter season is more prone to colds, flu, and viruses which can cause your immune system to run in less than a 100% giving you a difficult time to heal your tattoo.

Can I shave over my fresh new tattoo?

When you get a tattoo, the area is usually shaved so it is easier to work on the design but a couple of days later, your hair start to grow back. You might be tempted to shave it again but your tattoo is still fresh and running a razor across the area can damage your ink especially with scabs forming on the surface of your skin. Chemical hair removers are also a big No-no.

My friend is a newbie tattoo artist and wants to practice on me, should I let him?

Again the answer is a big No. There is a big risk of the tattoo goes wrong and you will have to live with it for the rest of your life, not to mention health hazards and of course other safety and legal issues. Tell him to buy a practice skin, and get a proper apprenticeship from a professional tattoo artist if they want to get serious in this career.

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